The Line

52 mn

The Line

Fiction|52 mn|


Seven 1944. Much of France was liberated, but in Villeneuve, the Germans were still there.While the Militia continued to carry out its terrible exactions to the end, the ranks of the Resistance grew and the struggle continued, even if the “after” was present in all minds.Our characters will therefore first experience the impatience and excitement of the last few hours of the Occupation, before moving on to a new world:The one of the Liberation, which is nothing like what they had imagined!

Writing direction

Frédéric KRIVINE

Historical advisor

Jean-Pierre AZÉMA


Jean-Philippe AMAR, Patrice MARTINEAU


Robin RENUCCI, Audrey FLEUROT, Thierry GODARD, Emmanuelle BACH, Marie KREMER, François LORIQUET, Nicolas GOB, Nade DIEU, Fabrizio RONGIONE, Constance DOLLÉ , Richard SAMMEL