The Line

52 mn

The Line

Fiction|52 mn|


In 1943, the Maquis formed a huge unarmed and almost idle cohort, thousands of young men who would have to spend months doing almost nothing.

They dream of help, attacks from convoys or garrisons; they must harvest chestnuts, build makeshift huts and learn to bury themselves to fight the cold. This gap will give rise to a project: when material resources are lacking, when we have no weapons to carry out the fight, what can we do? Represent the fight, answer several characters of the series. Through the theatre, which Claude will stage and bring to life among our Maquis; through the cinema, which Antoine will convene by organizing a parade on November 11 (inspired by that of Oyonnax in 43) by stealing costumes, making wooden guns, and filming the scene, after having misinformed the authorities.

Writing direction

Frédéric KRIVINE

Historical advisor

Jean-Pierre AZÉMA

Original Music



Jean-Marc BRONDOLO, Jean-Philippe AMAR


Robin RENUCCI, Audrey FLEUROT, Thierry GODARD, Emmanuelle BACH, Marie KREMER, François LORIQUET, Nicolas GOB, Nade DIEU, Fabrizio RONGIONE, Constance DOLLÉ , Richard SAMMEL