The Line

52 mn

The Line

Fiction|52 mn|


During the autumn of 1941, the daily lives of the inhabitants of Villeneuve deteriorated. Rations, shortages, requisitions, curfews, Aryanizations, have begun to weigh heavily since the invasion. Bodies suffer, minds change, strategies sharpen. Between those who collaborate and those who celebrate the glory of the Marshal, between the communists who radicalize their actions and those who bind themselves in love with the enemy, the relationships between our characters become more dense and complex.


Writing direction

Frédéric KRIVINE

Historical advisor

Jean-Pierre AZÉMA


Philippe TRIBOIT, Jean-Marc BRONDOLO


Robin RENUCCI, Audrey FLEUROT, Thierry GODARD, Emmanuelle BACH, Marie KREMER, Nicolas GOB, Nade DIEU, Fabrizio RONGIONE, Patrick DESCAMPS, Nathalie CERDA, Richard SAMMEL