Boubi’s friends

40 x 3 mn

Boubi’s friends

Kids|1 season|40 x 3 mn|Zouzous


Les Amis de Boubi is a collection of nursery rhymes for toddlers combining live action and animation.
20 nursery rhymes are taken up in their classic form and 20 other “original” nursery rhymes offer new edutainment texts that replace the original words.

The program created by Alexandre Boyer and directed by Alexis Millau features the singer Ornella Zuin surrounded by children and a surprise guest: Boubi.
The lyrics of the original nursery rhymes are written by the famous lyricist Lionel Florence, the musical arrangement has been entrusted to the composer Laurent Marimbert.

In 2019 Les Amis de Boubi exceeded 75 million views on YouTube, retaining more than 150,000 subscribers.

Executive producer(s)

Alexandre BOYER